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 The UK biggestselling regional daily apple iphone has launched a paywall on part of its website as it aims to add value and boost circulation.

Wolverhamptonbased daily the Express Star started its new digital service Express Star 24 yesterday.

Breaking news will continue to be available  apple iphone free of charge but other content such as photo galleries, match analysis and traffic and travel will be paywallprotected.

The paper is offering a print, online and smartphone package for 2.34 a week, which include delivery of the newspaper as well as access to the paywallprotected parts of the website.

Because the digitalonly package is liable to VAT, this will cost 2.81 meaning it is cheaper to access the paywall if you get the newspaper delivered as well.

The move was revealed by deputy editor Keith Harrison at a conference in London last month when he said the package would be created in an attempt to add value for readers and increase circulation.

On the paper website, it says: travels fast and we want to bring it to you as it happens, in more ways than ever before.

why we launched Express Star 24, combining a stateoftheart service for digital readers with our marketleading print editions. We giving you more now, than ever before.

The paywall has also been introduced at  apple iphone sister paper the Shropshire Star, with the same pricing structure.

If the move is successful, it is likely to be rolled out to other Midlands News Association titles.

Good luck to you. You not quite the Times,apple iphone but you obviously have a loyal readership. I asked myself when the Times went paywall, could I do without it? Would my life be so much poorer if I refused to cough up for what I used to enjoy for free? As I haven looked at the website since it went payperview and I haven died yet, it proves I don need it. I predict similar things with this idea. And anyhow, there a million ways to get the news you want now without paying for it. Good old, forwardthinking regional press.

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