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 The Apple iPhone 5 has amazing feature i phone and that’s the reason why it is one of the hot favorite among masses. Apple has always surprised the audience with its large variety of products. And is this why people are eager to see what apple has in store for them this time. Is it really worth waiting so desperately for an Apple iPhone 5?

There has been whole lot of rumors that Apple iPhone 5 has loads of interesting features which would certainly amaze the audience. Few of the romours is that Apple has thoroughly worked on its operating system and the new Apple iPhone 5 comes with an advances operating system. It is the operating system which makes the mobile phone to respond faster. Hence a robust operating system s certainly a plus.

Apple has also taken into consideration the i phone advancement in technology and has made its new iPhone compatible for 4 G network. The processor is really fast with a 1.5 GHz and a great backup, it has a bigger battery size which helps it provide with a better backup.

There are reports that iPhone 5 will definitely have an improved operating system, (iOS 5), which will have the ability to access 4G networks. It will also boast of extremely fast processor (1.5 GHz), improved battery life which will have up to 14 hours of talk time on 3G and 7 hours on AG. The fifthgeneration model will also have additional carriers apart from AT Verizon is most likely to be another career.

Video chat on 3G and 4G networks will also i phone be realism, which is at present working only on WiFi. The innovative face recognition technology and far above the ground video resolution aptitude will also be filled with newer features. Above all, a influential 8 megapixel camera is madeup included with iPhone 5. The new phone may also have radio frequency recognition as well. Envisage this, with the feature,

you can use the iPhone now like use you’re any other i phone device. You can merely pay for your stuff wirelessly by showing your iPhone over the sheet. This is the new original technology that is going to be launched by Apple. The patent portrays how an influential RFID ring can be built into the circuitry of the iPhone or iPod touch display panel.

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