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 Google Now extends beyond the phone’s cheap iphone 5 functionalities (unlike Siri) and provides real time data sourced from Google’s own value services like Maps, Calendar, Weather etc. The iOS version of Now has some features disabled due to restricted access to iOS’ kernel. The Android version of the app can embed with the kernel of the Android OS and pull up information from the phone’s local cache.

Although, Google Now cannot be called cheap iphone 5 a replacement to Siri, many hardcore fans see the Now as an addon to Siri on their iPhone. An iPhone user clearly demonstrates this by simultaneously using Siri and Now on his iPhone. He calls on Siri voice assistant to send a text message to his friend and then uses Now to find directions to his friend’s apartment at the other end of the town. Ironically, he also uses Siri on his iPhone to call on the Now app to use it. Whatever Google intended Now to be on iOS, iPhone users have found novel ways to put both apps to good use. This phenomenon, most users reckon is set to continue, as Google Now app serves better as an addon to the Siri app, than a challenger. One cannot replace the other but both can coexist enabling better usability for the end user.

All said and done, what Google has done with cheap iphone 5 the Now app is commendable. They’ve been successful in what appears to be an obvious concept and turning into a productive app. That goes on to show, that ideas however simple they may be, can make great apps. One doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel to be successful, but tweaking an existing concept and presenting it with an all new approach is sure to click with the masses. There are third party mobile app developers for both platforms but there are only a handful of mobile app developers who understand the dynamics of this ever changing market.

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