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Employees can clock in and out by gia iphone 5 punching a touchscreen button on their smartphone using ExakTime facial recognition and GPS timetracking and attendance software.PETER KENTERMetal punch clocks and cardboard time cards have become so last millennium with the advent of softwarebased timetracking systems aimed at construction sites.Californiabased ExakTime has put a futuristic spin on punching in by incorporating facial recognition and Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking into its PocketClock/GPS time tracking and attendance software system.Employees clock in and out by punching a green or red touchscreen button on their current iPhone,

iPad, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile gia iphone 5 Smartphone or Tablet. The company FaceFront Biometrics photo verification feature uses the device frontfacing camera lens to snap a photo of employees as they punch the clock.eliminates what called buddypunching employee clocking in for another, says ExakTime vice president of marketing,

Casey are sent to the office along with the clock data where the bookkeeper can match the employee field photos to their master photos stored in the office as part of our TimeSummit software package. Some contractors purchase smartphones and licences for all of their employees in order to fully roll out the system, while others purchase a licence only for the superintendent, who can punch employees in and out on their behalf.Recent additions to the package include Frenchlanguage support and GPS tracking of workers through their handhelds.

Superintendents can map the perimeter of gia iphone 5 the job site using GPS coordinates, a parameter known as a geofence. Even if the worker needs to visit multiple job sites, each of those sites can be tagged with its own project name and workers can indicate when they moved from one site to another.they clock in at a project site and then clock out at the beach, the TimeSummit software will flag them, says is that you not only know that they punched out at the wrong place,

you know exactly where they were when they did it. gia iphone 5 Contractors assign a unique name to each piece of equipment, then track it in realtime by employee and take backhoe 1 or jackhammer 3, workers can indicate that on the smartphone, says know who last used the equipment, how long they used it and on which site the equipment is now located. The contractor can maintain a full history of each piece of field equipment. These notes are logged and sent to the central office.

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