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 Fathers are the first real buddies we have. i phone 3 Mothers become friends only after a certain age, when you feel comfortable talking and discussing things with her. There is no one on earth like a mom who lends a patient ear to all your teenage woes, worries of future and gives awesome advices. But there is no one like a dad too, when it comes to organizing a picnic,

cheering you on a sports and fixing your bicycle. Especially for each and every daughter all over the world, dad is the first and the most special man in their lives, always. Be it the first dance on your fourth birthday or the last dance on your wedding day, no one can ever take his place. But amazingly,most of us find it hard when saying the three magic words to our dads while saying it day in and day out to our moms. If you too have a block in expressing how much you love your dad, try the other much better way, instead of saying it, show it.

60th birthday is a milestone of an individual life.i phone 3  It is close to the age of retirement and life has been quite a journey. If it is your dad 60th birthday, take this opportunity to show him what you have felt forever but have failed to express. Throw a party; buy him gifts that will make him happy like he made you happy with your birthday and Christmas gifts. Buying gifts for dad is not really a problem when you have known the man for 60 long years but the problem is to get a gift that is special and will mark the journey his of 60 years.

You must be wondering how to get memories i phone 3 as gifts for dad. Well you have to work a little hard for this one but what better way to show him how much you care than giving in a bit of effort for his sake? Ask all the people in your dad life to say something short and sweet for your dad, record them and make a CD or make a slam book with their greetings.

You will see for yourself the happiness in the i phone 3 old man face that will be well worth all the effort. This is the best 60th birthday present idea.For buying gifts for dad, all you need is to think with your heart. Money cannot buy everything, not your dad happiness, but your effort and love can.

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