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 There are many reasons for the iPhone 5 leak,iphone 4 5 but the main one is to allow consumers to expect the phone to come out soon. This gives people a chance to save and budget for the new phone because it will be in a similar price range as the iPhone 4 was when it was first released. This is simply a phone that you must know about if you are an Apple person.

The latest news about the iPhone 5 leak is that it will be available for more than just AT and Verizon customers. The rumor is that Sprint will certainly get it and so will many other cell phone companies. There will also be a new line of accessories and casemate is already creating the cases for this new phone.

Casemate actually released a gallery of iphone 4 5 new cases to fit the iPhone 5, and then pulled them back after sparking curiosity. This is quite the marketing that Apple and Casemate are doing together. If you were lucky enough to get a sneak peak you probably are very happy with what you see because the rumors are nearly as strong as when Apple released the first iPhone.

The rumor is the cases looked like they were going to be for an iPhone that was more like an iPad. This is not going to be the last leak as Apple has also created the iPhone 5 leak of the specifications and what we might be able to expect. The iPhone 5 specifications are supposed to be much better than the iPhone 4 and they are supposed to give Apple a leg up on the Android, finally.

The A5 processor has already been leaked iphone 4 5 on a Chinese website and it is just one of the upgrades that is expected. Many have also stated the camera will be better and there will be iCloud technology that is given to the user for free with the phone. The leak on the Chinese site also shows a slight upgrade in the battery from a 1,420mAh to 1,430mAh.

The iPhone 5 leak, if true, is expected to literally run over the Galaxy S II and many believe it will have features that will give you more power, more space, and the ability to do anything you need to do on your new iPhone 5. It is expected that Samsung and other companies will step up their game as well, but for a little while it will be all about Apple.

What does the iPhone 5 Leak Really Mean?

All the iPhone 5 leak really means is that Apple wants to give you a little bit of a peak into what is coming. This is all about marketing and there is nothing wrong with a little tease before they actually put the phone out there for the consumer. This is basically like foreplay and if you are someone that loves Apple you better be ready when this phone hits the market.

We all knew Apple would create a new phone iphone 4 5 as they have done for the past few years and the iPhone 5 will be it. This is going to be a big deal and if they really do release it to many other cell phone companies more people will have the opportunity to be exposed to Apple. The iPhone 5 leak may not be perfect, but it is a start.

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