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 Have you already tried using a different iphone 4 for sale SIM card in your iPhone? Did it work? If you purchased your iPhone from your service provider or got it with your service plan, normally it will be locked to their network and you will only get an error like “SIM not supported”, “SIM not accepted”, “Invalid SIM” or similar. The only reason why network providers are doing this is for subscribers to use their service for a longer period of time and prevent from switching to a different company.

Unlocking your iPhone gives you the iphone 4 for sale network freedom. It allows you to use any SIM card on any network all around the world and saves money at the same time. Roaming charges are usually costly so using a local SIM card overseas is the best option specially if you are tight in your budget but still want to always get in touch to your love ones when you are away from them. But for some reason, users are having trouble finding ways to unlock it and end up buying a new one.

This is the easiest and safest way to unlock your iPhone. When you contact the network provider where your iPhone originally came from, you can request them to unlock it for you. They will ask just ask for your account information, your iPhone’s version or model and the International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI which you can get by dialing 06 or looking on the box of it. Once you have provided them those information, they will unlock that on their system and will ask you to do a back up and restore in iTunes to complete the process. They could offer you that for free depending on the terms and conditions of the service that you signed up for.

There are times that users cant unlock their iphone 4 for sale iPhone using the first method. One good example is when they bought it from eBay or from someone that they don’t personally know. Some carriers, if not most of them, will not unlock an iPhone if the original owner of the device is not the one engaged with the request. In that case, you would probably consider looking for Unlocking Service online to do it for you but this procedure will certainly has a fee.

This method works almost the same as the first one but instead of contacting your service provider the online unlocking company have a direct contact to the unlock providers and you just have to pay them with certain amount to process it. Just be careful with those websites that you visit cause some of them are just scam. See the link below for the online unlocking website that I trust the most.

Gevey SIM is a chip that has the same shape and size of a SIM card to put on the top of it. This will not completely unlock your phone but will still let you used a different SIM card by bypassing the network security. If you will buy a Gevey SIM card, just make sure that you will get the one that is compatible with your iPhone’s version which you should see on the packaging or description of the it. You can porder the Gevey SIM card from Amazon, eBay or some electronic shop.

This method requires your iPhone to be iphone 4 for sale jailbroken for you to download the Ultrasnow Fixer from Cydia which the app store for a jailbroke iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Jailbreaking is simply hacking the system configuration and installing an unofficial software on iPhone. This is proven working but its against Apple’s policy. So if your iPhone is still under warranty and don’t want that to be voided, you should stay away from this method.

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