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 Greetings, readers. Allow me to iphone 4 price introduce myself. You see, watching movies, perusing sequential art and thumbing your way through the latest God of War sequel is all good and well (indeed these are the things that bond us as Maniacs). But who says you can’t do it all with some panache? Manny is here to help you forge your Maniac Lifestyle.

7. Imported From EterniaWhile Manny iphone 4 price  confesses a dependence on Red Bull and enjoys a beer as much as the next, few things are more telling about a Maniac’s stature than what’s in his liquor cabinet. And nothing will tip you as a smooth Battle Cat who knows how to treat a SheRa like this imported stock from SOM Distilleries in India: HeMan XXX Fine Whisky. You know it’s fine when it has more than two Xs in the name! I have the power of whiskey.6. Virtual Cool RideSomething from last month’s TRON: Legacy trailer had the manliest columnist on Mania mopping up drool off his Optimus Maximus. Did you see it too? All sexy black curves and built for speed. It’s the SportClassic GT 1000 that we’re calling out. It comes in red, but the classic black model with a white racing stripe on the fuel tank the perfect thing for motoring down the PCH with Olivia’s arms locked tight around our ribs.

Price: about $12k

5. Best Jacket There Is At What It DoesOf iphone 4 price  course, when riding a SportClassic 1000, Manny never compromises on safety or style. A helmet and riding leather are a must, and who has a better collection of leather jackets than Wolverine? This replica of Logan’s signature skin from the Wested Leather Co is the perfect way to armor up for the road. It’s based on the XMen Origins: Wolverine model. Phony claws not included.

Price: (about $250 USD)

4. Tallahassee’s Nice This Time of YearWhen it comes to jackets, Manny admits that he’s spent many an hour searching for the snakeskin flogger that Woody Harrleson sports in Zombieland. Well, it turns out that one is not so easy to come by. It was custom made by Magali Guidasci for the film. But we did pick up Tallahassee’s tarp hat from Read Deal Brazil. It’s called a tarp hat because it’s made from recycled tarps peeled off of Brazilian cargo trucksstylish and ecofriendly!

Price: $44 USD ($39 + $5 shipping)

3. Kaiju CasualManny likes to decompress from manic Mondays by looking in on the lads at Big Bang Theory. Why not? They’re funny, smart, like the same things Manny likes. One of them even dates Kaley Cuoco. Twice now we’ve spotted Sheldon wearing a cool green tshirt with what looks like a Rorschach ink blot pattern on the front. But no, on closer look those splotches are daikaiju drawn from various Godzilla movies. Want one of your own? Drop in on Super7 and ask for the “Monsters” T.

Price: $25

2. Say “What” Again. I Double Dare YouYou’ve been there, Maniacs. Someone says something untoward and you don’t come up with the perfect comeback until an hour later. Actually, Manny never finds himself at a loss for words, but if you’re coming up empty just let Mr. Samuel L. Jackson do the talking. Heatwave Interactive’s iSamJackson app for your iPhone is loaded up with 125 pithy aphorism recorded by the Bad Mofo himself. For less than a dollar on iTunes, why not allow SLJ to retort?

Price: $0.99

1. KickAss MusicManny is psyched to see this new KickAss movie. Any time you can get a tween girl calling someone a “cunt,” you know we’re inching towards cultural enlightenment. Shock talk and splatter aside, the red band trailer also contains a trio of happening music tracks the discriminating Maniac will want on his or her iPod. Go ahead and download “Stand Up” by The Prodigy, “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett the Blackhearts and “Hey Little World” by The Hives. Then rock it like the Red Mist. We had some recommendations during the holiday season to help you with your journey. Got a comic book lover in the household? Then read 10 Gifts for the Comic Lover.

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Dazzler, I agree on the Matrix wardrobe. iphone 4 price Even if you wore the Chris Nolan Batman uniform you’d stick out like a sore thumb in a costume with a cape and cowl in the real world. Dressing like Neo you could walk the streets and still look like a badass ready to kickass.

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