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so my kids got what they wanted this past year, iphone 4 specs and now we’ve officially entered the iPod generation in our house. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s the first introduction of the latest “i” devices in our once unMac household. I swear it is like learning another language to me I guess I don’t “speak” intuitive. Slowly, we’re converting.

Why Your iPod Isn’t Safe Yet

Giving your child the power to play on her iphone 4 specs iPod opens up a whole can of worms. Your iPod is automatically set to accept and display mature content so your child can easily get online, go to YouTube, and then type and tap her way into big trouble. They will do it unintentially, of course, but whose fault is that yours or hers?

After my kids unwrapped their iPods, I felt an overwhelming feeling of untechsavvyness and I thought I was pretty fluent! Luckily, my sister has been through this before with her kids, and since she’s the techgoddess of my family, I quickly listened to her advice, which is:

1. Never, ever let your kids figure out the iphone 4 specs  password. Before your kids go to click and download any app, the iPod prompts them for your password. At that point, make them find you to type it in. As you tap the letters, remember that they show instantaneously for less than a second before turning into a topsecret dot. If your kids are hovering over your shoulder, they can watch you and figure it out. I turn away from my kids as I type in our password, like I’m doing secret detective work. When they beg me to tell them what their password is, I explain that I can’t tell them because it’s not safe mommy or daddy always need to approve anything before it’s downloaded. I’ve run a kids’ technology business long enough to know that kids are kids, and they get caught up in a clickhappy moment and don’t ever realize what they have done until it’s too late. Don’t put your kids in that position it’s not safe.

2. Turn off rated R, NC17, and Mature Content. Holy cow! Did you know that there are settings on your iPod that are set so kids see everything (and I mean, everything) when they do a search? I’m not sure about your kids, but my kids are learning to read and write, so they are pretty proud when they sound out their words and type in their own searches, then say, “Mommy, can we get this?” During that search process, all kinds of inappropriate stuff can pop up as one of the choices if don’t follow these settings:

Go to Settings. Tap General. Scroll down and tap Restrictions.

Choose a 4digit safety password to Enable Restrictions one that your kids can’t figure out.

Once you are inside the Restrictions page, then modify Allowed Content. I turned off R, NC17 under Movies, I turned off TVMA (Mature Audiences) under TV Shows, and turned off Age 17+ under Apps.

Scroll down to the Game Center. I turned off Muliplayer Games they are not at a point in their lives to be chatting in multiplayer games and friending people they don’t know. I enabled the ability to Add Friends only to add their cousins, so they can practice texting only with their family members, then I turned it off again once we added them.

Now I’m officially breaking down, and my husband iphone 4 specs and I are converting this month to the iPhone 5, so we can stay one step ahead of our kids and learn to speak this intuitive language. I’ll keep you posted!

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