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A 32 gigabyte iPhone 4S with some light iphone 4g scratches but in good working condition was recently estimated at $280. That’s higher than Gazelle, but you’ll have to spend the money at Apple. The company also accepts broken phones for recycling but you won’t get any money for them. On Friday, it will sell an updated version with a faster processor, more memory and longer battery life. It will also cut the price to $159, from $199, making it far cheaper than the iPad, which starts at $399 for the 2011 version still on sale. (The most recent ones start at $499.)Amazon is also releasing higherend models under the Kindle Fire HD line. A 7inch one will go for $199, while an 8.9inch one will go for $299.

There’s also a $499 model that can use the iphone 4g 4G cellular networks that phone companies have been building. A data plan will cost an extra $50 a year. The smaller HD model will start shipping Friday, while the larger ones will be available Nov. Tablets such as the iPad and the Fire don’t work as well in bright light because they are lit from the back. The Tabeo will go on sale Oct. will release a new version of the Windows operating system on Oct. 26, one that’s designed to work on both traditional computers and tablet devices. has been struggling in the shadow of Apple and Android, and it’s counting on the new Windows system for a revival. carriers would have them.

It’s new territory for Microsoft, which typically leaves it to others to make devices using its software. One model will run on phonestyle chips, just like the iPad, and will be sold for a similar price. A heavier, more expensive version will run on Intel chips and be capable of running standard Windows applications. The Surface will go on sale on Oct. disclosed that it was working on a nextgeneration phone system for the BlackBerry, which now looks ancient next to the iPhone and Android devices. It was supposed to be out in time for this year’s holiday season.Comparing contenders to iPhone 5 Republican American Woman happy with her preemptive strike against breast cancerCHICAGO At age 23, Lindsay Avner took charge of her genetic fate: She elected to have her healthy breasts removed before cancer could strike first.

Six years later, the resident of Chicago’s iphone 4g North Side neighborhood has zero regret, she said.Even one concussion can change the brain, study findsHospital to have ethics forumPeople, pooches team up to fight flab at Ill. gymA rare celeb teaches us to live as she faces deathAt long last, a Pill for men?More Bridgeport on national curling stageIt’s probably safe to say that almost no one in Bridgeport, or maybe all of Connecticut, has ever heard of Willmar, Minn. The city’s only claim to fame was in 1930 when Machine Gun Kelly robbed the local bank there of $70,000.

should be unafraid to use its entire arsenal (18)Police: iphone 4g Waterbury man sexually assaulted underage girl (16)Senators revive hysteria over global warming (15)Get out of jail free card possible for parolees (12)Search of home finds pot, gun, pills (11)A New World pope faces old problemsManufacturers welcome to keep making banned weaponsCity priest elated by Latino choiceStudents, faculty still gunshyHuge excavator goes up in flamesebrate the 40th birthday of the mobile phone How Bitcoin worksHow Bitcoin worksHemera ThinkstockBitcoin is a digital currency that exists almost wholly in the virtual realm, unlike physical currencies like dollars and euros.

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