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 I am a fan of anime and video games, iphone 4s display and if I had iPhone I would probably have one for these great cases for my iPhone. With these cases you can make your smartphone look cool and fancy. It can be your trademark.

There is a great selection of anime and video games nowadays. It was really hard to make right choices. It actually depends on what you love, which genre. I will put some of the most famous anime and video games iPhone cases. Make your iPhone special and unique.

From anime I love Death Note, Bleach, iphone 4s display  Ruroruni Kenshin my top favorite anime, and from games Final Fantasy (I just love Final Fantasy), Metal gear Solid, Silent Hill and many more. It is really hard to make a top five list, because there are so many great games. I am more of RPG fan, so I prefer more those games, but that doesn’t stop me from playing something else. I am at the moment playing Far Cry 3 and I love it. Although I prefer some older games for older consoles like Playstation and Playstation2.

As far as anime is concerned I recently watched Ranma. What a funny anime, I enjoyed it a lot. A lot of humor and interesting story. There are so many good anime but I just don’t have enough time to watch them all.

Manga, anime, Harajuku girls, karaoke, iphone 4s display  Hello Kitty, are just some of the Japanese export products. Fast economic boom after the Cold War, in the end of the 80′s, put Japan on top of the world market, and the west quickly became interesting to every segment of the culture. I just love everything that comes from this beautiful country, and I hope that one day I will get a chance to visit it.

Anime has it roots in manga, Japanese comics. Most animated films are based on manga. These two are very connected.

Japan is generally considered the cradle of video games, but this hasn’t always been the case. in 1971. But this type of game wasn’t like what we call a video game, it was called arcade games. When the first video game saw the light of day in 1971 , the public found that it was too difficult to play. A year later, the company Atari created a little game called “Pong” (remember, it is a miniature table tennis), and that is when actually started a new chapter in the computer industry as a whole.

In the next few years, video games, mostly iphone 4s display arcade, are becoming very popular, especially the games like “Pong” and “Space Invaders.” In 1978, the littleknown Japanese company issued an arcade game called “Computer Othello.” Nobody couldn’t predict a bright future of this small firm. Then Atari launched the toy VCS console. Atari in the 1980 was what is now Sony, primarily because it brought the video game into the living room of every household. company Sega has issued a play written for the Atari console, which was also done by the Japanese company Nintendo. But the development center of the videogame switches to the USA.

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