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Since it debuted five years ago, Israel iphone 5 design HaYom has leapfrogged to become the country most popular newspaper. Like its hardcopy counterpart, this iPhone edition is free and includes news, commentary and photo galleries. Watch broadcasts live, when available. (Don forget about the time difference.) Or choose from a huge selection of ondemand reports. Even if you don speak Hebrew, you feel like you just switched on an Israeli TV. Also, check out the Room, where I found fascinating discussions about Hipsters, people having difficulty finding shiduchim (matches), and some inspirational stories.

You get today Jewish date at a glance,iphone 5 design  as well as the Jewish and secular dates for all holidays during the upcoming year. In 2008, New Zealanders Perry and Sheree Trotter interviewed and photographed several Holocaust survivors living in Israel. Starting with that encounter, the Trotters plan to create a comprehensive website, an audiovisual art exhibition and this free app, which will eventually include teaching plans and additional Holocaustrelated material. Even if you aren planning a trip to the Negev, the kibbutz free app is certainly worth a download. You find tips for Ecologically, with information about gardening, lowering your water usage, sowing seeds indoors and vermicomposting, using worms to break down organic waste. After that, you can learn about passive building design and about the community responsibility to the environment.

Bob, 84, served as the RoundUp’s hay iphone 5 design and barns director from 1980 to 1988 and spent another six years as a hall of fame director. Prior to that time, Bob helped out with work parties, donated hay and helped feed animals before he was even the hay and barns director. He grew up in the GrandeRonde Valley and moved to Pendleton in 1955 with Betty, who was born and raised in Pilot Rock.

Betty, 80, was never on the RoundUp board, but has worked in the firstaid station since 1961 doctoring injured cowboys. She remembers when the “ambulance” was a panel truck from Blue Mountain Community College.

“We have seen a lot of changes and a lot of improvements,” Betty said. “When we finally got the ambulance crew to come in, that was a big help and a huge relief.”

First aid comes naturally to Betty after working 43 years as a nurse, but she also assisted with Bob’s projects, which included cleaning up the barns after the rodeo.

After Bob told the grounds director he would assist in any way possible, Bob helped build the past director’s room and the director’s room at the RoundUp Grounds. He also helped crown the grass infield to improve runoff, build new grandstands and expand the announcer’s booth.

The Byers always look forward to the RoundUp and continue to support it.

“I’ve always had the feeling if you’re iphone 5 design going to live in a community, you better take part in any way, shape or form you can,” Bob said. “After getting into the RoundUp and meeting people and so forth, it was a really rewarding experience.”

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