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I get all news from AAPLE every day as iphone 5 new unlocked bad because the company is in a dry 12 month period ( there is no new product coming out ) and I still see many other companies are getting in ( Msft, RIMM, Nokia) with the iphone and then this other company (AMZN) all they have to do is they are still getting into another business and no body ask them any question about the gross margin.

All this analysts know that 1st quarter of iphone 5 new unlocked 2013 will be block buster, but they go on hair splitting every thing about AAPL because AAPL is big and they do not know how to evaluate this kind of business. I have seen iphone for the 1st quarter of 2013 to be as high as 60 million and and as low as 48 million. The people at Apple can absorb all the negative press, they can hear their millions of fans clamoring for them to succeed. And like it or not.

A garage door opener that is very remote

The folks at Craftsman are standing ready to save you a Uturn or a call to a neighbor. Their latest line of garagedoor openers now includes a feature that lets you check on your door and raise or lower it from a smart phone or tablet.

The system was on display in a parking lot outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where Craftsman had set up a demonstration garage during the recent Consumer Electronics Show.

The garage door and a couple of interior iphone 5 new unlocked and exterior lights were all wired into a homecontrol system Craftsman calls AssureLink. Like other homecontrol systems, AssureLink transmits radio signals to communicate with compatible devices like porch lights and the garagedoor opener.

What’s different about AssureLink is it’s hardwired into a home router using Ethernet cable. That makes it a little more complicated to install, unless you’re building a new home, but it also adds a measure of security. No one will be opening your garage door by fiddling with your WiFi network.

With the system in place, users can log into a website to control the light and the garage door or download an app for Apple, Android or BlackBerry devices to do it on the run. The app tells you the current state of the garage door, whether it’s open or closed and how long it has been that way.

Derek Voigt, who was demonstrating the system in iphone 5 new unlocked the Craftsman “garage,” said remote access could be handy for opening the door to let in a friend, family member or someone making a service call.

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