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“We did this because we are trying to iphone 5 give the local people an alternative,” Cruz said at the store on a recent morning. “We are working with smaller companies with the same services.”

Plans sold at Total Mobile start at $29 per month for unlimited talking and texting. Throw in unlimited online use and the price goes up to $40 for simple smartphones that can mainly do routine Internet searches and emailing. The price is $50 per month for more sophisticated models, like the newer iPhones, Galaxies and Androids. Total Mobile’s rates cap at $65 per month for those who want unlimited international calling in addition to domestic phone service. All of the plans are prepaid monthly, contract free.

The prices may sound too good to be true iphone 5 for many out there who are paying more than $100 per month for their smartphone service. But Cruz said the explanation for the good rates is actually quite simple. Total Mobile is selling plans of several companies that lease space on AT T and T Mobile towers, then offer prepaid services at reduced rates. Major operators, like Verizon, Sprint, AT T and TMobile, typically bill for services only after they have been rendered.

Because the lowercost plans offered by Total iphone 5 Mobile use the tower networks of major providers, their reliability is on par with those providers, Cruz said. He added that the plans, through companies such as Net10 Wireless and Stop Mobile, allow for unlimited roving.

Total Mobile will also unlock any phone and transfer it over to the AT T network for $45.

In addition to monthly service plans, the new iphone 5 Upper Keys shop sells a full slate of cellphones, as well as accessories such as chargers, cases and SD memory cards. Very basic phones start at $30, while the iPhone 5 retails for $700. Older generation smartphones, like the iPhone 4S, are about half as much as the first generation models.

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