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 Okay lets see here, there r many factors iphone 5 pay as you go that should be taken into consideration. First of all, are u somewhat tech savy/oriented? Or are u just a simple user that has a hard time adjusting to new tech? Iphone 5 is a lot easier to use, its basically meant for people who are either app developers or the complete opposite (people who dont know much about phones or tech in general). 3 types of people buy iphones: app developers, fan boys, or ppl who want something easy to use and basically they just buy it because the person next to them has one. Okay lets get to the specs and details shall we?

In terms of software, iOS is a lot easier iphone 5 pay as you go to use than android. With ease of use comes lack of customization. Android is a lot more customizable. One thing I bate about apple is their iOS. I mean sure its easy to use and responsive but apple has kep it the same for so many years its so boring. Android on the other hand has new versions coming out every year and they are a huge improvement over the predecessor.

Lets talk more about the two phones u mentioned in particular. My dad has the iPhone 4S (for development purposes) and I have the international version of samsung gaxy s3. I dont know which version of the galaxy s3 ur going to buy so Im just going to compare my international version with the iphone 5. First of all, apple didnt do much in terms of improvements with the release of the iphone 5. It has a slightly faster processor, its 0.3 inches bigger, has a slightly better resolution and the exact same camera as before as the iphone 4S. I dont know about u but that certainly doesnt justify the huge price tag that it comes with. Its just hyped up.

Samsung galaxy s3 has a quad core 1.4 iphone 5 pay as you go GHz exynos blazing fast processor, amazing battery life with removable battery (iphone doesnt have this), expandable memory up to 64 GB (iphone has a measly 16 GB), and the galaxy s3 can be found for much cheaper ($565 from expansysusa) as opposed to the iphone 5. The galaxy s3 also has better screen resolution and a larger screen perfect for videos, browsing and multimedia.

Honesy which one sounds better to u? Im not affiliated with one or the other companies nor am I hating on apple. Apple makes great visually appealing products but frankly, they rip their customers off. They charge rediculous prices for products that lack many features. Just compare macbook pros to dell alienwares and u will see what I mean. For about $100 less (if u decide ro buy no contract), u can get the samsung galaxy s3 with all of its amazing features and hardware.

So in conclusion if u are not tech oriented iphone 5 pay as you go at all then get the iphone 5 if u want because its relatively easier to use. If u are somewhat tech savy, definitly get the samsung galaxy s3. Strong powerful processor, better camera, resolution, cheaper and everything else. I am very happy with my samsung galaxy s3 I have had it for almost 4 months now. If u have any other questions feel free to email me. Or u can look up comparison videos and reviews on utube. Search “phonedog” on utube.

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