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We’ve passed the midpoint in April, which iphone 5 unlocked by recent standards marks a watershed for returning migrants. The hooded warbler breeds in rich woodlands in Connecticut’s southern tier, with the bulk of its breeding range to our south. It’s primarily an early May arrival at our latitude, but occasional birds show up earlier, probably after overshooting breeding sites farther south.

Over this weekend and through the end of April the pace of arrival will quicken. More species and more individuals of given species will show up either in passage or on breeding territory.

The traditional dates for spring arrival iphone 5 unlocked have been edging their way earlier for the past decade, at least. An especially warm and early spring last year resulted in many remarkably early arrival dates, but this year the weather has been more typical of springs of the past. Arrival of migrants has adhered to a more traditional schedule, such as Louisiana waterthrushes appearing in the first week of April. Last year one made it to Connecticut by March 24.

The pace could quicken or slow now depending on weather. Last year, after the very early arrivals, several species that usually don’t return until midMay, such as mourning warbler, showed up in May’s first few days. There are many species yet to appear in Connecticut, and birders are waiting and looking to see how the migration unfolds going forward.

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