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 American Eagle iPhone 5 Cases and iphone 5 unlocked new Military Gift Ideas for Active Duty and Retired. Created by many artists to show your Patriotism for our Great Country. These Patriotic iPhone 5 cases are beautiful. I especially love the American Eagle iPhone cases for the brand new Apple iPhone 5 cases for Verizon, AT and Sprint phones.

I feel so blessed to live in the USA iphone 5 unlocked new and to have family members who have served our country. Soon we will be welcoming a career Navy man into our family as he will be marrying my daughter.

My dad was also a career service man serving as a Marine and an Army Master Sergeant. He dad fought in the Korean War and World War II and he died at the age of 85 years old. My dad was my step dad and when he married my mom, he had already completed his 20 years of service so I did not experience growing up on bases throughout the world. He loved teaching me a few phrases in many languages.

My oldest brother served in the Air iphone 5 unlocked new  Force in the Vietnam War. He was in the last bunch of men whose numbers were selected for the draft. My brother decided to joined the Air Force . With 3 more brothers, I was relieved the draft ended. One of his sons, my nephew was born in Germany while my brother was in the Air Force.

My husband served in the Navy Reserves for Six years. His love for our country and Patriotism gave me an even stronger appreciation for America.

Thank you for protecting us and preserving our freedom. I am so appreciative to all the men and women who are serving and have served our nation protect us and our freedom. Thank you to the family members who bravely supported their children, brothers, sister, fathers, mothers and other family members.

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My daughter served in the Air Force during the volatile times before and after September 11th. That was such a scary time for me because it was during the Terrorist attacks of September 11th. I flew to California to visit her and stayed right on the base, I left to fly home on September 10th, 2001 only 9 Hours before the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001.

I can’t even describe the emotions I went through during that time. The two overwhelming emotions I experienced right after the attacks were the fear of my daughter being called to go to Afghanistan and watching family members and loved ones frantically searching for their Moms, Dads, Son, Daughters, Husbands and Wives carrying their photos.

The next time I visited my daughter on base, the security points when checking onto the Naval base, (shared with the Air Force), was greatly increased due to the terrorist attacks. The line to get onto the base after the attacks went off the base and way down the road. The security guards created a serpentine type line with many more security guards and checks before letting me onto the base. I stayed in the family hotels the base provided. The Base also cancelled an Air Show that was scheduled during my visit.

In October of 2001, after the terrorist attacks, at the regular airport when I was leaving California, I remember Guards with some kind of Machine Guns or M16 type guns guarding the Gates. I was trying to help a sweet little older lady who was confused when I accidentally stepped over the “Line” that divided the Gated areas from the general airport. A LOUD FLASHING LIGHT and SIREN started going off and I looked around and when I realized that I set off the alarm, I quickly stepped backed. Luckily I didn’t invoke much reaction from the armed guard. What a difference in the security at the airport only 1 month after the attacks.

Well, all this to say, I am more Patriotic now then when I was a very young adult and I attribute it to my husband, my family, my age and appreciation for our country. I enjoyed creating the Patriotic gifts and iPhone 5 cases and I enjoy looking at other artists Patriotic iPhone 5 cases and other Patriotic novelties. My favorite iPhone covers are the American Eagle iPhone cases. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and I hope you well up with a pride in our country. Our country is going through difficult times right now but we will prevail.

I had the opportunity to see an Eagle yesterday while driving. This is only the second Eagle I’ve seen since moving to Florida. What a gorgeous bird.

Keep GOD in America and God Bless the USA. I enjoy having music where ever I go, to the library, beach. The sound is quite good but not as powerful as your home speakers. Light, compact and easy to take around. Great price too. “Very Cool” remark from my friends.

Regarding the Printing on the Origaudio Doodle Speaker:

The printing is awesome. Zazzle really knocked this one out of the park. It looks as good as shown when ordering. Great stuff.

5 STAR Zazzle Origaudio Doodle Speaker Review

It was even better than I expected. My granddaughter loves it. The printing was excellent too.

5 STAR Zazzle Origaudio Doodle Speaker Review

Excellent Print Quality and Great Sound

I bought the plain Doodle speaker and put iphone 5 unlocked new my own design on it. The printing turned out great and the sound is good enough to use on my computer. I wish it would have also been available in a black casing along with the white Doodle speaker encasement.

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