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 Rumors about the iPhone 5 started iphone 5 white flying nearly as soon as the iPhone 4 landed on the shelves last year. So far, many sources have strongly suggested that Apple’s newest smartphone may be right around the corner. With a potential launch date drawing close, let’s take some time to review the hype, speculation, and best guesses that hint at the future of the iPhone 5.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed the new iPhone model iscoming in October, although we don’t know yet if the new phone will be called iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or something else entirely. It’s been well over a year since the iPhone 4 became available in June 2010, and we’ve hadwhite iPhones andVerizon iPhones since then. The iPhone 3GS had beenreleased in June 2009 and Apple tends to release its iconic smartphone on a yearly cycle. Now that’s it’s been over 400 days since the last one, Apple lovers are yearning for the next iteration of iPhone.

We know for certain that the new iphone 5 white  iPhone usingiOS 5 will sync with your computer wirelessly, since Apple made abig deal of this capability at its developer’s conference in June. The iPhone may also supportwireless charging. The soon to be extinctHP TouchPad had this capability, so it makes sense that Apple might be exploring the technology to improve the iPhone experience, cutting away the last cords that force you to tie your phone to your computer. That seems like an experience that Apple would want to pioneer.

The Wall Street Journal also reported the new iPhone camera sports 8 megapixels, which is a significant boost over the iPhone 4′s 5 mexapixel sensor. This information seems to confirm similar, earlier rumorsfrom Bloomberg. If we’re really lucky, we might finally see animproved camera flash. Remember that the iPhone 4 was released over a year ago; newer smartphones have cameras that simply blow away the iPhone 4′s offering, at least on paper. It’s time for Apple to getback on top of the heap with an update.

The size of the iPhone 5′s touchscreen iphone 5 white has been a hotbed of rumor. While many original rumors said the screen would be larger than 4 new panel suppliers indicate that the iPhone 5 screen will actually besmaller than 4 Previous rumors were based on market expectations, not any actual supply chain leaks. The newest leaks say the screen could be as small as 3.5′ which is the same size as the iPhone 4 screen.

Put your faith, and your data, in the cloud

One of the most exciting bits about the iPhone 5 will be its operating system andiCloud. The free servicewill automatically sync your pictures, music, and other data instantly between your computer and your iPhone. Using iTunes Match, you will even be able to upgrade your existing music to one of Apple’s lossless, higherquality music files. iCloud is integrated with personal computers, cloud computing, and mobile information. When you take pictures or buy content on your phone, you will be able to access all of it on your computer through iCloud.

It isn’t a surprise to hear that the iPhone 5 will have abetter processor than the iPhone 4, since every major iteration of the phone has enjoyed this kind of upgrade under the hood. The A5 processor already struts itself inside theiPad 2. Including that same processor on the iPhone 5 would give the smartphone considerable power, catching it up to the capability of the iPad itself.

The Japanese version of iPhone 5 will warns its users ofimpending earthquakes. A simple popup notification will appear whenever Japan’s monitoring facilities detect an impending threat, providing iPhone 5 users much needed time to get to safety and prepare for disaster.

At the same time we’re hearing about a bigger, more powerful iPhone 5, rumors about a smaller,cheaper iPhone also keep coming up. The lighter, more budgetminded (and purely theoretical) iPhone has been dubbed thethe iPhone nano among tech blogs. This potentially petite iPhone would be aimed at more casual smartphone owners who want to use the Apple product but aren’t necessarily comfortable with the iPhone’s traditionally high price point. With8 GB of storage, the iPhone nano would rely on iCloud and the internet to access a lot of its content.

Of course, none of this speculation is iphone 5 white official fact until you’ve heard the words uttered from Apple itself. That being said, these rumors have all been repeated by enough independent sources that a few of them are bound to pan out we can only wait and see.

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