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 As the iPhone5 is such a valuable investment, iphone4 you need a great case to enable it to remain working in best condition. But there’s no need to settle for an average case, there are many great designs out there.

I love this case with digitally painted glints of light and I’ve found loads more new cases and put them on this page. Although, due to changes on Squidoo, I am now having to remove many links. Currently there’s still over 75, though may not be for long. I only ever wanted to provide a big comparison of the “voted to the top” stuff.

If you received a new phone as a present, iphone4 then be sure to get a special case to go with it, maybe a durable one for the best protection, or a beautiful or unique one. Most of the Artistic covers shown are case mates from zazzle and feature independent artists.

Zazzle have fantastic, unique pictures from hundreds of artists, I’ve picked out some of the most amazing and artistically decorated cases I can find. I’ve tried to pick the coolest covers for the iPhone5 out of those that are on offer already. There’s 75 so far. Actually, there’s way more now, I lost count.

1. An extremely groovy and trendy ombre iphone4 pattern made up of dots with a breezy aqua blue fading into violet purple and fuchsia pink.

3. A supercute pink design with a trendy anchor, all iphone4 covered with teeny little heartshapes. I really like that the anchor shape itself is also filled with, in a reversal of color, teeny pinks, whites and reds. The colorway is a little unusual too, but very nice, with the navy blue.

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