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 On, Feb. 19, 2012, a young woman is there an iphone 5 named Christal Spann filed a police report stating that a man she photographed with her iPhone4S reached through the window of his car, snatched the phone out of her hand and drove away. Spann identifies the man as singer Chris Brown, who she and two friends followed out of nightclub in Miami, Florida.

No arrest warrant has been issued as of this writing, making it tempting to conclude that Brown is receiving the “celebrity justice” treatment. But the police have extra good reason for proceeding with caution and ensuring that they have the most solid case possible: Three years earlier, Brown pled guilty to assaulting his thengirlfriend and fellow celebrity singer Rihanna Fenty, and was sentenced to five years probation.

In the meantime, Christal Spann is out a is there an iphone 5 phone which she valued at $500.00 US not to mention access to all the data and contact information that was on it. But if she had taken a couple of precautions, she could have helped the police wrap up the case by now, or replaced her phone for only a small fraction of what she originally paid for it.

For instance, there is a software program that doesn’t cost you anything. After registering it in your Apple “cloud” account, locating your stolen or lost phone is as simple as logging into your account on another iOScompatible smart phone, tablet, or computer (through its mobile program). The locator app would then create a GPSstyle map with the general location of the phone! Now you can take advantage of one of several options: having your stolen phone emit a signal, locking the phone, sending a text message and best of all, instantly erasing all your private data from prying and hacking eyes!

But let’s assume that the stolen phone was is there an iphone 5 destroyed and can’t be recovered. Well, in addition to the GPS phone locator app, she should have made a small annual investment in a personal electronics insurance policy, Christal would be able to buy a replacement phone for only the cost of her deductible (usually around $50.00 US). You can cover most of your tech products that way unless you don’t mind replacing them by paying the full purchase price.

Now, let’s retell Christal’s story with is there an iphone 5 her locator app software program installed, and one of the two friends she was with also owning an iPhone. Christal borrows it, logs into her cloud account, activates her locator app, spots her phone on the map, and calls the police. Case closed!

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