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This article is a cover your ass move sprint and iphone 5 on Munster’s part as supply issues have proved him a little too optimistic in the past. But bottomline, Apple has more demand than supply but is taking preorders and will fill every one of them in a matter of weeks. This is a problem any company would LOVE to have, it self finances amny expansion Apple needs and makes the richest company on earth even richer.

This article is responsible now for a 15 point drop. Which makes this a glaring buying oppirtunity based on a typical overreaction and overshoot by the market, punishing Apple for not being perfect. Meanwhile it is head and shoulders above any other company on earth. Some say Samsung is a challenge, and it is, but read the latest report card on Samsung and the loss to Apple in the court is a huge thorn in their side and overhang. They have to put aside 3 billion dollars they will probably have to pay Apple and it has paralyzed them in many ways from moving forward.

Thus, analysts expect Samsung growth to sprint and iphone 5 slow for the next few quarters as a result. Is Apple slowing though? No. Just the opposite. It is ramping up on a global scale into several recordbreaking quarters with no significant hurdles ahead, just bumps min the road and perhaps eventually a natural leveling off of growth. BUY BUY BUY! As Kramer says. Anything under 660 is near the bottom and this stock is likely to rise 80100 points in the next two months, perhaps more.

It is truly saying something when the negativity sprint and iphone 5 is based upon “scenarios” that people can think up of Apple’s business model imploding in short order, which will lead investors to dump this “overvalued stock”. Folks watch the stock price and think, “it can’t do this forever.1000 bucks a share is pie in the sky ridiculous talk. 1000 is just too big a number. MSFT couldn’t make it, no one has made it, so history will surely repeat itself. Apple and MSFT have very little in common. Apple will hit 1000 and beyond, but over the next 23 years.

They will earn it. In between now and then the price will have ups and downs. Why bother timing things. Just buy and hold and let greed and the eventually sane investor take the price to where it is ultimately headed. Thank god for markets. Eventually they work. No bubble with Apple. When the world economy scares the traders, which it eventually will, they will fly to fairly valued large cap dividend paying names that sell stuff that is relatively recession proof.

Everything to date has been “it can’t.” Can’t sprint and iphone 5 reach 500B market cap. Can’t reach 500, 600, 700. Then it does and people say, “but it can’t go on”. Why not?Why is AMZN (wildly noninnovative and generally poor profit generation) and GOOG (unbelievably fickle management and business model) valued at extremely high multiples, and AAPL not?The “over owned” story doesn’t apply AMZN and GOOG are also over owned, if so. All these AAPLbashers ignore their own negative arguments when it applies to these other 2 stocks that should be considered bubbles but are darlings of the street and who knows why. It’s frustrating.

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