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 Today I have had the pleasure to read unlocked iphone 5 buy through theBloomberg Businessweek October 3 October 9,2011 magazine issue. On the front cover is the picture of the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. He is positioned in the middle of many circles with the descriptions of the wide variety of products sold on Amazon. His head is made to look like the Earth itself and the products look like other planets. He is holding a new tablet that was recently created by Amazon. At the bottom of this picture it says “The Company That Ate the World”. It mentions that Amazon is going to steal the market share from apple and the message here is that Amazon is going to take over the world. I have seen such advertisements many times in financial magazines. Most of them are meant to drive people to either blog about the company, but the company’s products, or purchase the company’s stock. I guess I am doing the cheapest one of these three alternatives.

One notable thing about this issue is that it unlocked iphone 5 buy  offers a seven day forecast into the future. unemployment, the North American Wife Carrying Championship, and the elections in Poland. This is one of the few sections in this magazine that actually somehow relates to our daily lives and is written in normal English. Most of the articles in this magazine have to do with money and international politics. International politics have always been a mystery to me. I never really understood much about these issues. The problem is that American magazines have no way to really explain everything that is going on in these locations of the world. I believe that to really know about what is going on in any particular country, you need to come and live there for a while. Go to live in one of the poorer areas of the city and you will inevitably be forced to confront the difficulties of every day life.

American magazines tend to focus on some separate incidents within a particular country. We either see a horrible crime or a beautiful monument. Unfortunately, we fail to see the big picture. I think that magazines like Bloomberg Businessweek should consider interviewing some of the regular people who do not attend crazy protests like the one that happened in Chili recently because the government raised the prices for college education. If you make the effort to learn about the real people you might see a slightly different reality. Not everyone is so politically involved. There are also people who live their own lives outside of politics and make the best of what they have available to them. The reality of any country is not so much in their great monuments or some single famous event. It is more in the daily lives of the poor and middle class people. It is a similar concept as the quality of a romantic relationship. It is the small daily things that make the relationship great. The big things are just icing on top of the cake.

Going toward the middle section of this issue,unlocked iphone 5 buy   I noticed an interesting article about Cablevision’s ESPN network. The price of this channel is going up significantly and many fans are going to be priced out of the market. I work for Cablevision myself and I know first hand that people have been hurting a lot financially. People call in begging and pleading for discounts on their favorite shows. Unfortunately, Cablevision has to say no most of the time in order to stay in business. The main problem here is that people have to choose between their next meal and cable television. It really is a tough choice to make. Another tough reality is that these networks can switch their shows at any time and the people will end up paying high prices for shows that they do not even watch. I have gotten one too many angry calls about this issue.

Another interesting note in this magazine is that the Budweiser share has been dropping in recent years. The company has a lot of popular campaigns with celebrities scheduled. The reason why the share is dropping is because the beer just does not taste that good. My favorite beer of all time is Coors Light. It comes in a small container and tastes light and crisp. Coors Light is an elegant beer for adults who also prefer great flavor as well.

Page thirty one shows a shocking photograph of school kids smoking in China. These children believe that “Tobacco helps you become talented”. The reason why they believe this is because many schools in China are sponsored by large tobacco companies. Children in China realize that you need money to become educated. Talent is not enough. I think this is the reason why so many Chinese immigrants become so successful in the United States. The realize the harsh reality about fame and success and they are willing to make personal sacrifices and work hard.

Toward the end of the magazine, I saw a very creative advertisement for Duane Reade. It seems that the company is about the experience some tremendous growth. They will have a security guard, a cafe with sushi, a nail parlor, a florist, and an international news stand. I think Duane Reade has a great opportunity in the market right now. As Barnes and Noble along with Borders go out of business, Duane Reade can capture some of that crowd in their one stop shop event.

There was another interesting article about the unlocked iphone 5 buy Russian spy Anna Chapman. She is described as a generally good person who has never taken any money that she has not earned herself. I guess by comparison you could name just about anyone a good person. Let’s face it, she is not like Osama Binladen or anything. People are actually making action figures based on her form. Can you believe that? Our society will patronize just about anyone these days. It is almost funny. seems to talk a lot about Japan and its capacity for generating electricity. We also like to talk about how great it is to invest in China. However, after the tsunamis that happened in Japan recently, I doubt I will be visiting this place any time soon and I do not think that I would invest my money in Japan either. For all I know this place may not even be around for much longer. Soon this wonderful little country may just literally find itself under water. As far as China is concerned, these people have a very tight political system where the government still controls everything they do. i would be crazy to invest in a place like this. Also, way too much bird flu there. The fact of the matter is that developing countries have a lot of good intentions, however, they are slow to take action. Good intentions are just not enough.

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