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As both the collector and monitor that unlocked iphone 5  ensures waste doesn end up in dumpsites, Kao company partners only with certified recycling companies that can prove material isn shipped overseas or put in landfills. Kao and his team expect to collect about 700,000 pounds this holiday season. trash hauler, also said it expects a rise in electronic waste. “When it comes to recycling, it an afterthought,” Kao, 55, who has also founded two software companies, said in an interview. “All the energy is going to how do we get the next revenue, from the new best gadget, and there is never a thought in to how to get it back.”

In addition to helping the environment, Green unlocked iphone 5 Citizen is also profitable, said Kao, without disclosing the company earnings. The company expects about $2.5 million in revenue this year and double the next. He wants to expand to Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. The inspiration to start Green Citizen came while Kao was taking time off after selling Managize, a supplychain management software company, in 2000. and Europe. Components containing toxic elements such as lead and mercury were cast into rivers and landfills. “It was contaminating whole villages,” Kao said. He spent two years educating himself,

traveling to meet with companies and government officials. Limited awareness and lack of convenience keep the general public from doing more, Kao said, while poor accountability and oversight make it difficult to ensure enterprises do their part. Green Citizen hauls disposed devices to a large warehouse in Burlingame, Calif., a few miles south of San Francisco airport. Technicians determine whether a gadget can be fixed and resold. Repaired devices are put up for sale on Internet marketplace EBay Inc. Kao said about 21 percent of electronics Green Citizen handles can be refurbished,

generating about half its revenue. unlocked iphone 5 An old security Xray machine from a consulate in San Francisco has been among the stranger items collected, along with computers, TVs, printers, phones and other gadgets, Kao said. For devices that need to be recycled, a team in the warehouse uses drills and screwdrivers to take them apart. Different components are sorted in bins for plastic, circuit boards, glass and other base materials. Much of Kao material goes about 100 miles north of San Francisco to Sims Recycling Ltd.

200,000squarefoot facility in Roseville, Calif. unlocked iphone 5 There, pieces are put through shredders, including one with 4inch blades driven by a 400horsepower engine. The brokendown materials are then sold to companies seeking aluminum, plastic, glass or other recycled material. Cupertino, Calif.based Apple encourages consumers to recycle their old iPods, iPhones, computers and other products, offering store credit for items with monetary value and discounts for bringing in old iPods. Collected electronic waste is processed locally, Apple said.

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