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The Apple is the undisputed leader of verizon new iphone 5 the smartphone world. It is popular round the globe for its famous iPhones. After getting unprecedented success for its first version of the iPhone, Apple has launched 3 new versions of the iPhone in a very short period of time. Now, Apple is all set to bring a new phone to the market.

If Apple is famous round the world among the gadget lovers, then it is only because of its iPhone. Millions of people are using the iPhones from Apple and other millions of people are dreaming to have iPhones. There are some diehard fans of Apple iPhones, who buy the latest Apple iPhone. When any new Apple iPhone gets released, they simply go ahead to buy that without giving any second though and even without looking at the price tag and features.

Are you one among those mad fans of verizon new iphone 5 Apple iPhone? If you are a fan of Apple iPhone, then you should have an iPhone 4 along with you. IPhone 4 is the latest among the Apple iPhones. It is released globally only months back and within a very short period of time, it has sold more than a million of copies.

IPhone 4 of Apple is the best smartphone verizon new iphone 5 available in the current market. There is no phone available in the market, which is better than the latest iPhone. However, Apple is not going to sit idle after releasing the iPhone 4. it is already planning to lunch a new successor of iPhone 4 into the market in near future. Apple is still tightlipped about the release date of iPhone 5 or its features, but if you believe the gadget pundits, then you have to acknowledge that the new apple iphone 5 is going to be released very soon.

According to the gadget analyst,verizon new iphone 5 Apple is not going to take a long break after releasing the iPhone 4. When Apple introduced first v into the market, there were only few companies, who were making smartphones. But now dozens of companies are making smartphones and they are trying their level best to beat the iPhone and this is why, Apple would not wait to release the new phone.

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